Maia Stefana Oprea

Painting, Drawing, Graphic, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Installation and other by artist Maia Stefana Oprea

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Through the In-Trigâ: AT HOME EVERYWHERE video-performance (see The Small In-Trigâ Dictionary) I try to redefine my territory and my identity, assuming a status on the border between public and private, in the context of ongoing social political influences over my personal life. The promenade in which car I carry my zăercs is a propagation of the self in constant movement: between aesthetic and social, between the organic and the artificial, between life and death, between nature and culture, between art and everyday life. The First In-trigâ presents through the form of a funeral march the simplest, most common and recurrent activity in my life: the daily walk with my dog, in the fields near the village where I have my studio. Continue reading

Tunisia 42

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First time in Africa – TUNISIA

The International Festival of Arts in Monastir, Tunisia, now in its 12th edition, took place from the 1st to the 12th of September 2014,

with the proposed theme:  “In Search of Light”. Continue reading

MAIA at the opening of AFTER ZAERCS exhibition 2014 @Signum Gallery, Bucharest

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AFTER ZĂERCS exhibition 2014 / DUPĂ ZERCȘI expoziție 2014 @ SIGNUM GALLERY

AFTER ZAERCS exhibition 2014 @Signum Gallery, Bucharest

AFTER ZAERCS exhibition 2014 @Signum Gallery, Bucharest

Organiser: SIGNUM Gallery, under the patronage of the Bucharest Academy of Economical Studies


 Master DEVIS GREBU honoured us by accepting the invitation to speak at the opening of the exhibition Continue reading


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Presumable script

Presumable script


M: Sort of …. there … I think these bodies are rather events than objects, which I find a little disconcerting. This implies death.

M: It is precisely the act of mental reconstruction of an event, this is a post conflict situation. This is the monstrosity sparing itself a pause. Just because there are thoughts and feelings on which we cannot discuss, or which would be so trivialized by word and figuration … it does not mean they do not exist, right? Continue reading


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Colony Art Gallery

Colony Art ( presented the exhibition “UN-FINISHED” – artists Maia Oprea ( and Matei Enric ( 

Thoughts, feelings, filtered, husked and conceptualised moods are linked together in the compositions of Maia Oprea and Matei Enric. All this introspective journey is translated into unconventional means, on experimental media. “Un-finished” defines a phase, a transition from the studio of study to the one of stage. Continue reading

Lining - installation performance - Architecture School of Strasbourg, France

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Lining - installation performance - Architecture School of Strasbourg, France

Lining – installation performance – Architecture School of Strasbourg, France


“Lining” is a group work based mainly on one of my old projects, “Bucharest, Roadblock”, a journey in which I used transparent tape, pasting through public and private spaces as well. This time too, the tape is used to make a kind of drawing in space, a drawing that seeks light strokes or which allows light to be traced.  Continue reading

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Comment prendre possession de l’espace et de quelle façon pourrait-on le faire ?

“Trans / figuration” est une sorte de mise en capsule dutemps, par la prise de conscience très aiguë de son passage, se précisant comme unelongue attente: que du nouveau soit produit à partir de ce que quotidiennement on jette, que puis j’inventorie, je stocke et je traitedans un processus que j’imagine constant et à flux continu. C’est juste en prenant conscience du temps qui coule que je prends possession de l’espace qui m’entoure, espace que je fait habiter par des résidus temporels sous différentes formes. Continue reading


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