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It’s been quite a while now since I am thinking of moving away, far away from the city. In the month of July, after I finish my Painting Bachelor, I will relocate to the countryside with my dog and my friend, so that I find more peace to paint and he to write his novel.

Consequently, awaiting the silence only nature can offer, I have decided to reopen myself to commissions, as I used to enjoy before starting my studies, which didn’t let me enough time for it during the past three years.

What do I mean by commission ?

  • I mean that I would enjoy receiving commissions from people who really like my art, or some specifities of it. I don’t accept being commissioned to immitate someone else’s work !

  • I want to work on commission with people who want me to have the freedom to be creative while also respecting certain subjects or your imposed mediums. I prefer working in my own style, as crazy as it is sometimes, waiting for the moment when I get inspired by a specific proposal, rather than making a remake of a photograph in a photorealist style !
  • Nevertheless, I want to hear your proposals and look forward to discuss them with you in all matters possible.

You can see some of my artworks online here :

Now, whether you have :

  1. A PHOTOGRAPH > of your beloved ones, an old photographs, your own photo, etc.

  1. A SPECIFIC IDEA IN MIND, that you could thoroughly explain to me, so that I could visualize it and make it come alive

  1. A WHITE WALL that you wish to decorate in order to create a certain atmosphere

  2. A SKETCH, a very simple sketch that you once made and wish to see it developed in a certain artistic way

  1. A SUBJECT or A THEME, which you want to propose so that I can imagine an artwork based on it

  2. A GIFT (anniversary, holiday, etc) TO OFFER, just letting me know more about the person you want to offer it to.

I work in the following mediums: pencil, charcoal, dry pastel, oil pastels, ink, printmaking (dry-point, monotype), collage, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, tempera, mixed techniques.

You can decide upon the support : paper, canvas, cardboard, hardboard, wood, metal

The artwork may incorporate also other materials, such as textiles, acrylic mediums, sand, polystirene, depending on your preference.

I will help you to obtain your goal in the following ways:

After deciding upon what’s to be done,

We will have a constant e-mail exchange (letting you know the steps your future artwork undergoes, with explicite photographs), so that you as well can have a word to say if you wish to change the work while it’s in progress.

At the end, in case you don’t like what you have commissioned, there is absolutely no obligation on your behalf in regards to the artwork I have realised for you. The payment must me made AFTER you see the final product you have commissioned, and BEFORE I ship it.

The payment must be made through PAYPAL.

The PRICE of the artwork depends on the size, the material used, and the time spent on it.

I will have the right to blog and show photographs of what you have commissioned, in order to offer more details to future customers, and you may as well write a few words about our interaction and your new artwork.

You can write me at

Looking forward for a creative collaboration !


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