Maia Stefana Oprea

Saatchi Online Abstract Showdown Competition

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Check out my entry in the @SaatchiOnline #showdown competition! I have made it to juried voting!

“The figure is a support, but it is at the same time a limit, and only by eliberating yourself from this limit can abstraction enter into communion with the sacred and to express, without the concession made to the figure, that which is essentially non-figurative: a state of mind. ”
(“Abstract Art”, Marcel Brion- own translation from romanian language)

I was in such state when I painted ROSE, a large artwork, which for me could be found in the zone where painting becomes the ambient environment enveloping the viewer within it. A state of alienation, of disintegration and of ordered chaos, according to the state I was in at the end my fine art studies in France. It is the artistic abstract expression of the young French culture, as it was felt by an eastern-european.


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