Maia Stefana Oprea



” The Island of Another “, oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm, available for sale, 2009

The word island from the title represents the island of a novel written by a French writer, on which the Internet does not provide much information, besides the fact that he is still alive and that his work can easily fit into four suitcases. It’s about “The Island of Another”, of the unmistakable Jacques Perry.

There is neither time nor place for a summary of the book, but I advise you to put your hands on this stunning novel, a true masterpiece of loneliness!

The painting “The Island of Another” illustrates one of the novel’s themes: the double duplication.

A storm forced the hero of Jacques Perry to dock in the evening on an island. He finds shelter between the walls of a house whose owner is away, and while exploring so deeply the existence of the owner, without realizing it, he duplicates into the life of the other .

In other words, the characters in the painting “The Island of Another” experiment what G. Bachelard called the dual status of duplication.


Author: maiastefana

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3 thoughts on “Ludus – “THE ISLAND OF ANOTHER”

  1. Hello. I am intrigues by the premise of the novel you mention. And though I try to look for it over the internet, it seems nothing much at all is available. SO much so that I can’t be sure if it had been translated into English even (the language I’d be able to read it in).
    But more than that, could you please say a few more words on the central theme, if any.
    I am kind of very interested in the theme of doppelgangers or the doubles.



    • Hi Jasmeet,

      I know there isn’t much available regarding this novel…I was myself intrigued by the mystery of its Romanian translation that I’ve read. It’s been quite a while since I read it, and I don’t own the book. A friend of mine was borrowing it every month to someone else, he was a bit fanatic about it. Surely you must have searched it in English, but I have no clue whether it has been translated or not.
      From what I recall (and I may be wrong, obviously): the character arrives on this island, finds an abandoned house, and as he starts inhabiting it, he slightly becomes convinced his presence there is righteous, as if he has always lived there. But he seems, to a certain point, completely sane. He eats food from the house, imagines how families have lived in there, fantasises about a completely green room from the house’s attic, he presents himself as the owner of the house to other inhabitants of the island, he hides from everyone, he hides in the past of this other person. We are always kept in between fiction and reality, but I wouldn’t personally call it a doppelganger depiction…for me it was as if the real person was haunting its unknown counterpart. hope it helps

      • Thank you very much for your comments Maia. It helped.
        Yes I did try my best to look for the English translation. But there isn’t any yet. And even though I started learning French some while ago, I won’t be able to read it.

        Actually, I had been trying to find and read about themes involving ‘the double’. And well, I read Saramago’s ‘The Double’ and want to read more texts with this theme. Okay, so here is a person haunted by “its own counterpart”. Well that makes the presence of two characters. Sure, one is only imaginative. But it is there. the absract mental presence of the counterpart is there; which affects the protagonist’s life. In that way, it is a doppelganger depiction. However, I havent read it. I will do that whenever I am able to. The premise sounds interesting to me.

        thank you once again for taking time.

        all the best,


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