Maia Stefana Oprea


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My shadow put its hand over my mouth and whispered:

        “Do this, do so!” 

“Autistic Self” was created in a very special state of mind, almost unconsciously. I painted my reflection in a mirror displayed on the floor, benefiting from the high contrast offered by the very late hour. During the next months I left the painting untouched, yet feeling it was unfinished. At some point I partially reworked it, especially the hand and  the eye on the left.

  I think Cezar Ivănescu’s poem “ROD” fits very well this painting :

                      “Never will a word be
                       commensurate with my heart.
                       Always out of the eye, the outgrowth seen
                       will descent, as a servant, on the mouth.”
                      „Nicicând vreun cuvânt nu va fi
pe potriva inimii mele.
Oricând din ochi, rodul văzut,
va coborî, ca o slugă, pe gură.”

Autistic Self, oil on hard board, 65 x 40 cm, 2009


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