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The project“Bucharest, Roadblock” was realised in 2010-2011 during my studies at l’ecole d’art de Grenoble, within the workshop entitled «Cosmetique et politique» (coordinators: Abdelkader Damani, Slimane Rais).

It had as a starting point the travel route between my usual place of residence and other places I usually frequented during the time when I still lived Bucharest, my home town. While traveling in cities across the world, I realised that this route constantly haunted me. Again it happened that year in Grenoble.

The route uniting the places I frequented most during 2009 in between my home in Bucharest, the University of Arts, Pta. Romana, Pta. Victoriei and a park

The space that I crossed every day during the realisation of this project, between the residence of the Rabot and ESAG (l’Ecole Superieure d’Art de Grenoble) was superimposed to that I practiced once in Bucharest. I always seem to live simultaneously in two spaces: one of the present, Grenoble, and the past one, Bucharest. I decided to work on this memory recreating an imaginary map of my Bucharest. By tracing from memory my usual itinerary in Bucharest, I`ve then superimposed it on the map of the city of Grenoble and Bucharest (the real map), having as unique central landmark my two places of residence (current and previous ones).

Fictive itinerary superimposed on real one — as on the Bucharest google.maps. Obviously, there are evident differences in between the two.

Fictive itinerary superimposed on the Grenoble satellite image.

In blue you can figure out the actual route that I could actually walk on (combining public and private spaces, crossing the river,etc.), which is the territory I taped.

Walking on this road I taped all the elements that were the subject of my own territory. The scotch became a metaphor for the memory of an imaginary space that I trace in real space. An invisible line linking the walls, streets, garbage cans, storefronts, homes, shops, apartments, museums, community centers, trees, rivers (…)

scotch along Isere river

Sometimes the tape flies out its own will, without me being able to control it, to bring it down, to lift it, nor to make it appear, or even make it disappear ….     



The video was so far showed in two different installation views.

Firstly, I put the projected video in relation with a sort of a scotch tape ‘mural artwork’ with all the superimpositions of real and fictive maps.

Secondly, I decided for a more simple installation view, having the video shown in a small TV and the exhibition room’s space half obstructed by duct tape.

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