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 The series “Sleeps” is a pictorial investigation centered on sleep, as the title indicates. But not the
sleep as the mind bridge to the world of dreams, but rather as a form of alienation of the being from the flow of the world.

“Sleeps”, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 160 cm (4 canvases of 50 x 160 cm), 2012

These paintings were realised after a friend model,  but I wasn’t actually interested in the act of painting after nature, but rather in capturing those uniquely encrypted moments in which this person escaped present time and space, leaving themselves caught in a slow and cumbersome leakage towards sleep.

These very short moments have revealed to me the real profoundness of sleep, as a representation of the disappearance and the alienation of the represented object itself, despite the fact that the actual sleeps (as a plural!)do not imply the act of sleeping, but rather the emergence of a maximum vulnerability of the inside, a kind of preparatory “step” to our immersion into sleep.

The compositions were initially thought as rigorous drawings. These eventually led to some rough color sketches that still show the initial gestural structure, confering a sort of transparency to the phases of the creative process.

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