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studio-inside-3At the end of August my new studio was partially finished.

There’s still more to be done-bought-constructed, but what’s most important is that I’ve started painting again.

From now on I will be able to paint on large formats (the biggest allowed in this studio will be around 400 x 200 cm, which is quite enough), which is what I enjoy most.

This studio still has some disadvantages, of course, and they go along with many technical restrictions. Thus, I must paint in acrylics and not in oils, due to the humidity during winter time.         I must paint on un-stretched canvas, due to the lack of deposit space.  I’ll also have to give up the 3-dimensional techniques on larger paintings, as they will have to be rolled and this might ruin the paint.

Pici and Hokusai – my beloved pets – accommodated well enough as you can see.


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