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“Boundless” is an old sketch that I have recently reworked, changing it radically.

Here is the first study, dated 2009 I believe (sorry I can only find the Deviant Art version of it).

“Silent Conversation”

What prompted me to give it another “identity” was its potential for atmosphere, which was initially (in this first realistic variant) in a state of “bright” stillness. In the first sketch, the subject was that of a man and a woman and their bodies emanated an artificial firmness, as if each of them were lost in their own autism.

Here is the 2012 reworked painting:

“Boundless”, collage on hardboard, 50 x 70 cm, 2012

In this new artwork – over which a thick layer of mortar seems to have spread – I thought the subject as the relationship between these two persons, a plastic relationship, a relationship between their formal entities, a modulated relationships of fusion and at the same time of rejection.

As reflections of two unclear mirrors placed one in front of the other.

“Boundless” head detail

As sludge and water.

“Boundless” hand detail

“Boundless” signature detail


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