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Berlin Poplars


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays at your best !

This is my first post of a new series of book illustrations I decided to make every Sunday from now on.

The series will be entitled “Have you read this drawing ?”.


Only books I read presently will be taken into consideration. Only books I’ve enjoyed and which influenced me enough to realise a drawing of them. These drawings are not at all meant to be professional illustrations, but more or less an aftermath of my weekly readings.

My goal is to find others who share my tastes in literature and to receive your opinion about my drawings !You can also find me on Goodreads, so if you have an account I’m waiting for your friendship 😉

I profoundly dislike narrating the books I read, detailing their subject too much or giving extreme insight into what should be a personal encounter for each of us, after all. My current interest lies in offering you just a glimpse of the book through one single original image. As an artistic target, I intend to create similarities in between the narrative structure and the visual composition, in between tensions, characters, styles etc.



The “Independent” writes about “Berlin Poplars”:

The novel’s subtext is plain enough: no one can avoid self-definition through family, however strenuously they might attempt to deny family ties. The straightforward message does not detract from Ragde’s sophisticated exposition, not least because – woven around the unveiling of family secrets – is an adroit, slyly comic exploration of the paradoxes of Norwegian identity.

And now here is my opinion about “Berlin Poplars”:

charcoal on gessoed  paper

45 x 60 cm, charcoal on gessoed paper, December 23, 2012



Author: maiastefana

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3 thoughts on “Berlin Poplars

  1. love your drawing – energetic and claustrophobic – very clever description

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