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"King" - 90 x 90 cm, gouache and paper on canvas, 2012

“King” – 90 x 90 cm, gouache and paper on canvas

“KING” is the second artwork of a series that I plan to realise one day. I have about 30 ketches that I realised at the age of 2-3 years old. Some sketches have annotations that proof the age (“deux ans et demi” – written in french language – two years and a half), mainly dated around 1989. What is interesting is that these old drawings correspond entirely with my reveries and visions as an artist.  Here is the sketch that stood at the basis of “King” : 

sketch realised at 2-3 yrs old

sketch realised at 2-3 yrs old

       Based on these sketches I create new paintings, reunited under the title of “Child Pointing With Hands”.

The sketches realised at the age of 2 years old lack intentionality, but their future imitations are not just a game: 

“Fantasy is what causes pleasure, but pleasure does not occur because it is a fantasy we are talking about. In order to obtain this specifical pleasure we must have the knowledge of the causes that explain it, as well as to know the identity of the sources of pleasure. However, such knowledge is not available when the concept of difference between reality and fantasy is not yet articulated as in the case of a child ” (Arthur Danto, ” The philosophy of art “)

Details of “KING” :

detail of "King"

detail of “King”

detail of "King"

detail of “King”

detail of "King"

detail of “King”

This difference between the sketch realised when I was 2 years old and the painting realised now is similar to discovering the difference between a work of art and a real object.

Extracted from their unconscious world and recreated in the present, these hybrids may carry a message of potent archetypal power.

My conviction is that art exists only to the extent that it defies rational explanation, to the extent that meaning escapes us somehow.

Here are some photos of “King” and ” Without my will” (first in series) in progress:

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