Maia Stefana Oprea

BIP 2015 – International Painting Biennial of Chișinău


BIP catalog 2015

“NO 2013”, []

a recent self-portrait that I have realised,

was selected for the International Painting Biennial of Chișinău 2015,

an event organized under the patronage of the

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova in the 

“Constantin Brâncuși” Exhibition Center in Chișinău.

“NU/ NO 2013 ” – acrylic/ canvas, 120 x 120 cm


You can also find a lot of information and interesting texts about this Biennial at .

          <<Since what is “back” is never similar to what is “gone” (here the parable of the prodigal son may serve as an example), painting has come back enriched with the experiences of other arts, redefined under thematic, technical and expressive aspects. The International Painting Biennial in Chisinau is one of the places where at present painting is invited to reveal new meanings, an incentive for the artists loyal to the vocation of a painter, a pennant on an imaginary map of the resurrection of the paintbrush art.>> says Călin Stegerean, member of the BIP 2015 jury

         Samir and me decided to see the exhibition and discover Chișinău and its surroundings ( Orheiu Vechi, Capriana Monastery and Puskin’s museum are a must see). Here is “NO 2013” in the BIP exhibition, some of my friends’ paintings and other favourite paintings in the Chisinau International Painting Biennial 2015 :


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2 thoughts on “BIP 2015 – International Painting Biennial of Chișinău

  1. Congratulations on being chosen to exhibit your painting.

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