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Kosova Art Festival 2015_13

Every year, at the beginning of June, the Harilaq Art Festival (organised by the Municipality of Fushe Kosova and Muhamet Metis ) takes place near Prishtina, Kosovo. The Harilaq fortress is situated on top of the hill known by the local toponomy as the Gradina – Harilaq. It is built on the remain of an earlier prehistoric settlement, attested by the archaeological findings.

As I had been invited several times during the last years to this art festival and I was curious to discover Kosovo a bit, this year we finally replied positively and planned a nice Balkan trip from Bucharest – Sofia – Skopje – Prishtina.

We discovered wonderful places in Kosovo and the atmosphere was very enjoyable – a bit to our surprise, to be honest, especially because during that week there were protests all over.  The city of Prizren is a must see, along with the Gracanice Monastery. Not far from it, we found the Badovac Lake, ( apparently not such a common tourist destination ), which was our inspirational motif for the first days of this festival: near the lake, a mountain reflected in the water a green triangular shape. ‘Getting lost’ in the Germia Park (a national forest reservation) near Prishtina was a second adventurous experience which materialised into an almost black painting, now part of Harilaq’s Festival collection.

Have a nice summer !


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