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I worked on this painting in my 38th and 39th weeks of pregnancy, waiting for Meira, my first daughter, to be born. Today I finished this painting dedicated to her, but she still doesn’t seem decided to jump into the world.

DUSTOGRAPHY IV, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm, 2015

I was both very happy and frustrated while painting this large surface, because I had to adapt my way of painting to a very small living-room, much too small for a 150x150cm canvas, to a limited number of possible genuflexions, as well as to going in bed every now and then. After having evaluated these constraints, I tried to work with whatever was left of my usually action-painting and turn into into mostly looking, deciding and leaving marks as they are.

Dustography IV is about the perpetual multiplicity of the self in very different appearances. It is part of the Dustography series ( ), where the focus was on the tragic incompletion of reality, which incites me to tell things in an abstract-dissimulated manner. It is the refusal of a particular personal history and its replacement with a ghostly surrogate. The Dustography series suggests the contemplation and awareness of a being alone togetherness.

   Dustografie IV, detail 1

         The figures painted are very similar, but none is nearly the same as the other. They all are extracted from my zăercs repertoire, my staged props,(, which I need as a kind of vehicle to understand the world in a way, to engage with life and reality. Some of these figures are digital print transfers of photographs of zăerc sculptures, drawings or sketches, some are pure scribbles, some are detailed contours. The figures are isolated by round areas or parts of parallelipipeds.

Dustografie IV, detail 2

The technique involves somewhat painting in negative, so as to reveal the underlying layer after each colour superimposition. I want the viewer to somehow experience bodyliness through the use of contour and colour.

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