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DEVIS GREBU in the opening of AFTER ZĂERCS exhibition

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Master Devis Grebu honoured me greatly by opening my exhibition AFTER ZĂERCS @Signum Gallery in Bucharest:

EN: … she is a sort of locomotive, a locomotive that doesn’t crush the truck or the barriers when they meet, but who simply — I would say– plants flowers behind. She is multiple, has no limits, has this curiosity of the genius to insert, to intervene in all areas, in all matters … and succeeds, and does them very well, in my opinion even better: out of the ordinary. I am so happy for her evolution. It was 11 years ago that we met for the first time. (…) This exhibition is a more special exhibition, since it also has its humor, having been started out of a language problem …… ever since her childhood.

She uses many different materials here, which she either combines or suggests. In the paintings that she does with oil or acrylic on canvas she still suggests combinations of diverse materials. I do not think that one can define her, figurative, surrealist, abstract? I look at her paintings and they could be abstract, but also surrealist or figurative. Because you discover – if you want — in each of the paintings elements that are specific to these categories. I think this is actually a quality. Better yet, not to be integrated under a specific dome. Neither I, in what I do, I don’t think that I could fall under a certain (…) and maybe I an subjective because I see in her the same ambitions, the same desires.

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I am very happy and proud to be part of the WOMEN IN ART – volume I  !

It’s an amazing project and I can’t wait to have the book shipped to see all the other artists 🙂

 Women in Art Volume I women in art

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More than a review on my Dust exhibition

I am very happy and honoured to post a a review on my “Dust” exhibition,

part of an article wrote by Florin Toma,

“one of the most important Romanian stylists of current Romanian prose”,

 as Tudorel Urian describes him.


The original article in Romanian can be found here:


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