Maia Stefana Oprea

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Group exhibition Reload.Restart.Replay at Arthub

Images of my artworks in the group exhibition Reload. Restart.Replay which took place in June 2018 at Arthub art center in Bucharest, curator Nona Șerbănescu.

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LOCUS NEMINIS II was exhibited at AnnArt Gallery from June to September 2018

[EN] Locus neminis II  was exhibitted at AnnArt Gallery in Bucharest during June-September 2018 and it showed the series of paintings and installation that Maia Ștefana Oprea worked on since 2017. Thought and realised with the participation of Raluca Băloiu, the exhibition is the second solo show at AnnArt gallery, after Stacking exhibition which took place in 2016.

Raluca Băloiu, critic and art historian : “ Maia Ştefana Oprea discovers the forest as a place of inner expression, emotions, maternity. Her nests enjoy an exceptional dynamic, they are journals of a state, daily rituals of maternity, they host ideas, life philosophies or quotes from favourite books. Maia Ş. Oprea’s emphasizes her own emotional and intellectual path of the maternity, illustrated by projections of nests or multiplied cocoons.

WASTE LIGHT, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, 2018

(…) Far from society and its limitations, the young artist sees the return to self only within nature, as Henry David Thoreau imagines in Walden. Maia Ş. Oprea’s painting is gestural, the support of her drawings and installations are made up of materials that come from a personal history. The daily concern for maternity is reflected in the concept of the exhibition, representation and techniques used. The fragmentary and repetitive approach of surfaces appears as an expression of compulsive accumulations of daily conditions specific to personal maternity. Inserts of texts from various readings, impressions, or diaries complement Maia’s artworks and invites everyone on a journey of a LOCUS NEMINIS [no-one’s place]”

[RO]  Locus neminis II  a fost expusă în perioada iunie- septembrie 2018 la Galeria AnnArt din București. Gândită și realizată cu participarea curatorială a Ralucăi Băloiu, expoziţia este a doua personală a artistei la AnnArt, după Stivuire care a avut loc în 2016.

Raluca Băloiu, critic și istoric de artă: “Maia Ș. Oprea descoperă pădurea ca loc al expresiei interioare, al emoțiilor, al maternității. Cuiburile sale se bucură de o excepțională dinamică, ele sunt jurnale de stare, ritualuri zilnice ale maternității, ele găzduiesc idei, filosofii de viață sau citări din preferatele cărților. Maia Ș. Oprea accentuează propriul parcurs emoțional și intelectual al maternității ilustrate prin proiecții de cuiburi sau coconi multiplicați.

(…) Maia Ștefana Oprea regăsește maternitatea integrată în natură, sub formă de cuiburi pentru păsări sau un coconilor de insecte. Departe de societate și de limitările ei, tânăra artistă privește revenirea spre sine doar în cadrul naturii, așa cum îl imagină Henry David Thoreau în “Walden”. Pictura Maiei Ș. Oprea este gestualistă, suporturile desenelor de vânzare și instalații sunt alcătuite din materiale care provin dintr-o istorie personală. Preocuparea zilnică pentru maternitate se reflectă în conceptul de expoziție, în reprezentare și în tehnica utilizată. Abordarea fragmentară și repetitivă a suprafețelor apare ca o expresie a unor acumulări compulsive de stări cotidiene specifice maternității personale. Inserțiile de texte care provin din diferite lecturi, impresii sau foi de jurnal completează lucrările Maiei Ș. Oprea și invită fiecare pe un parcurs al unui LOCUS NEMINIS “(Raluca Băloiu, critic și istoric al artei)

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First time in Africa – TUNISIA

The International Festival of Arts in Monastir, Tunisia, now in its 12th edition, took place from the 1st to the 12th of September 2014,

with the proposed theme:  “In Search of Light”. Continue reading

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A couple

"A couple", 110 x 80 cm, oil on cardboard on stretcher, 2013

“A couple”, 110 x 80 cm, oil on cardboard on stretcher, 2013

“The model that poses for you is made ​​of flesh and blood, but what must be caught on canvas is its emanation. (…)

You distort what you see, in your own manner, and we can say that the particular mode of distorting things signifies a certain attitude towards life. ” (Francis Bacon)

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Lilac in the light

Quoting Flaubert from his Dictionary of Received Ideas :

“LABORATORY – Every man who respects himself has a laboratory in the countryside ”

"Lilac in the Light", oil on canvas board, 50 x 50 cm, April 2012

“Lilac in the Light”, oil on canvas board, 50 x 50 cm, April 2012

“Lilac in the Light” is available for sale on

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“Hunger” @ Spazio Tempo Arte 2013

During the month of August my artwork “Hunger” will be on view at the “Human Rights” exhibition 2013.

"Hunger", 70 x 70 cm, oil, pen and marker on canvas, 2012

“Hunger”, 70 x 70 cm, oil, pen and marker on canvas, 2012

“Hunger” has its roots in the disgust caused by excessive intimacy with the self, a self that doesn’t stand itself. It brings about the right of desiring to get to the surface of one’s depths, confronting with the “realities of live being, that are rebuild every moment, that connect one day to the other, throwing bridges over gaps, over amorphous states and irretrievable absences” (Lucian Raicu, “Reflections of the Creative Spirit”). Seeking to portray the remains of personal seizures, “Hunger” also talks about the right to Self expression. Continue reading

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Two paintings of pansies from my garden, painted during April !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please see my Artmajeur Gallery for more info !

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“Boundless” is an old sketch that I have recently reworked, changing it radically.

Here is the first study, dated 2009 I believe (sorry I can only find the Deviant Art version of it).

“Silent Conversation”

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A Rainy Afternoon

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When I lived in Alexandru Lahovari plaza (one of the old historical centers of Bucharest), I saw this landscape, this bestial skirmish of shadows and lights, an afternoon rain pattering across the rooftops.

It was somehow raining with sun that day, it was that kind of rain that awakens a huge metal excitation in the surrounding colours …

This gallery contains 3 photos

"COSMOS", mixed technique on canvas, 123 x 145 cm, 2009

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"COSMOS",  mixed technique on canvas, 123 x 145 cm, 2009

Product of a process of integration into the landscape, the artwork “Cosmos” was realised in several stages of physical transformation. Continue reading