Maia Stefana Oprea



My latest series of paintings, Cadmium and Waste-first stage were realised using the

Acrilico Maimeri colour series, which remains my favourite, at least for the moment!


They are excellent in terms of brightness after drying, which denotes high quality pigments. In terms of drying time, I painted freely during winter time, while during summer time I noticed that although it dries quickly (which is normal), it “solidifies” gradually, so they are ideal once you adapt to the requirements of temperature.
Because I really like to experiment with different textures and materials, I can tell you from experience that they reacted wonderfully both to acrylic transfer print with acrylic medium and to the painting over drawings (fixed in advance).


It works great in watercolour technique, because when diluted (even excessively) the colours remain very fresh, somehow “clean” after drying.
For relief I used the other range, 3D Polycolor and the mixture of nuances from the two acrylic series had pleasing results. I used 3D Polycolor at 2 cm of relief. They remained intact and terribly glossy after drying, which was initially a shock! But my favourites for obtaining volume remain the Bitumen and Quartz paste from Polycolor Body Maimeri.
As a professional artist who paints intensely with acrylics, I highly recommend you the Maimeri Acrilico colours!



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