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Boyhood : Scenes From Provincial Life – J M Coetzee

Since it’s Sunday again, it’s time for the second readrawing!

Boyhood mother 2

    Early Monday morning this week    Coetzee’s novel “Boyhood” winked at me from the top shelf.

“Boyhood: Scenes From Provincial Life”   chronicles Coetzee’s childhood in a small city 90 miles from Cape Town, in Worcester, on 12, Poplar Avenue…

   coincidences are everywhere !

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The project“Bucharest, Roadblock” was realised in 2010-2011 during my studies at l’ecole d’art de Grenoble, within the workshop entitled «Cosmetique et politique» (coordinators: Abdelkader Damani, Slimane Rais).

It had as a starting point the travel route between my usual place of residence and other places I usually frequented during the time when I still lived Bucharest, my home town. While traveling in cities across the world, I realised that this route constantly haunted me. Again it happened that year in Grenoble. Continue reading