Maia Stefana Oprea

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Also part of the “LINES” series of works (,

the artwork “Chromatic Pollution” is a mix of lines, their combination being the result both of spontaneity and that of long searches. Apparently, the work is plane, but it is actually a kind of relief, a fret obtained by patching two foam boards. I perceive ChromaticPollution” to be like a “measurer” of electrical energy that flows in real time, revolving around the Pentagon shape that it mimics.

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Its dimension is 100 x 70 cm, created in 2009, framed, available for sale


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White Rhythm

The video “White Rhythm” is at the same time one of my first art videos, and also the first group performance that I have ever initiated by myself. It was born as a commemorative act in the memory of an artist that I have very much admired, Dennis Oppenheim (born in 1938 in the state of Washington, died 2011), whom I discovered at the Museum of Modern Art in St-Etienne ( ), in the context of the exhibition “Islands never found” showcased in 2011, and soon after at the Abbatoirs of Toulouse ( ) . Continue reading