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YOUTH – by J.M Coetzee

     I’ve just finished reading the second part of J.M Coetzee’s autobiography, his follow-up to Boyhood, namely Youth“.

"Youth" watercolor on paper, 2013

“Youth” watercolor on paper, 2013

 Beginning with the second half of Youth, the novel felt mostly black and white. What struck me was a detail, really, but it had a major impact on my further reading. Continue reading


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Boyhood : Scenes From Provincial Life – J M Coetzee

Since it’s Sunday again, it’s time for the second readrawing!

Boyhood mother 2

    Early Monday morning this week    Coetzee’s novel “Boyhood” winked at me from the top shelf.

“Boyhood: Scenes From Provincial Life”   chronicles Coetzee’s childhood in a small city 90 miles from Cape Town, in Worcester, on 12, Poplar Avenue…

   coincidences are everywhere !

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Berlin Poplars

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays at your best !

This is my first post of a new series of book illustrations I decided to make every Sunday from now on.

The series will be entitled “Have you read this drawing ?”.


Only books I read presently will be taken into consideration. Only books I’ve enjoyed and which influenced me enough to realise a drawing of them. These drawings are not at all meant to be professional illustrations, but more or less an aftermath of my weekly readings. Continue reading

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studio-inside-3At the end of August my new studio was partially finished.

There’s still more to be done-bought-constructed, but what’s most important is that I’ve started painting again. Continue reading