Maia Stefana Oprea

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In “Exhaustion” it is me  with my dog, at the countryside, during summer, asleep in the fields.

But what I feel that is conclusive is what Francis Bacon said in an interview:

“What I feel it is conclusive is that when you are painting a man sitting, just like this, in a room, or walking down the street,

almost all the people looking at the paintings seem to agree that they portray anything but a trivial or neutral situation

and that figure is involved in some sort of crisis – perhaps the idea of ​​an imminent disaster. ”


“Exhausted” is available for sale on Saatchi Online :

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Silent space

“Sunt un bolovan cenuşiu; nu am alte calităţi

Visez, împietrind visele pe care singur mi le aleg. “

( Alain Bosquet)


I am a gray boulder, I have no other qualities
Dreaming, hardening the dreams that I choose alone.

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Without Witness

Within the structure of an artwork, the truth and the false, the righteous and the injustice, the pain and the pleasure, the calm and the violence, they all become aesthetic categories. In their new artistic context even cruelty, inequality, Continue reading

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Of after…

Two ink washes I’ve realized during last summer.


“Of After”, ink on paper, 2012

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Here’s the second video from the “Waste-first stage” exhibition.

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Temple I,   ink on paper, 100 x 70 cm, 2009

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Black in Black

“Black in Black” is a small collage in which I used Indian ink and a variety of black pieces cut from old sketches or prints of drawings.

“Black in Black”, collage on hardboard, 29 x 40 cm, 2012

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