Maia Stefana Oprea

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"F SHARP" - acrylic on cotton, 90 x 90 cm, 2013

“F SHARP” – acrylic on cotton, 90 x 90 cm, 2013

“The smallest chip

 of a glass or a cup

can recall the happiness of a great memory Continue reading



Last week an acquaintance commissioned me to do a facial lift to some traditional wine bottle labels from the vineyards of Moldova.

I took advantage and worked on my watercolour skills, using the ‘masking fluid’, which is fairly new to me. Here are my vineyards:

“CADMIUM” solo exhibition opening !

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"Griddle", oil on canvas, 2012

“Griddle”, oil on canvas, 2012

As promised, here are some photos from the opening of the “Cadmium” exhibition !

I wish you could’ve been there with me !

Let me know your thoughts, it will be much appreciated !

The paintings will be soon uploaded on my website so you can see them properly 🙂

nice view of the gallery

nice view of the gallery

"A Walk in Circles", mixed technique on canvas, 2012

“A Walk in Circles”, mixed technique on canvas, 2012

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CADMIUM Exhibition invitation


CADMIUM Exhibition invitation Continue reading


YOUTH – by J.M Coetzee

     I’ve just finished reading the second part of J.M Coetzee’s autobiography, his follow-up to Boyhood, namely Youth“.

"Youth" watercolor on paper, 2013

“Youth” watercolor on paper, 2013

 Beginning with the second half of Youth, the novel felt mostly black and white. What struck me was a detail, really, but it had a major impact on my further reading. Continue reading