Maia Stefana Oprea

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        The “Insomnia” triptych is also part of the ” Sleeps” series of paintings.

They are part of those paintings that I start very intuitively, and they end up face to the corner of the studio for years…I think I’ve started it in my first year at the Bucharest Arts University, and I’ve only now reconsidered it, three years after the first painting session.  Funnily enough, I’ve had to change my location 3 times during these years, and the three paintings have followed me, up on the stairs, down on top of the car, and so on … it is very tough to resist the temptation of ‘finishing’ a painting for such a long time. And yet, as I waited and waited, I realised it was almost finished, it had finished itself during these relocations and daily corner life.

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 The series “Sleeps” is a pictorial investigation centered on sleep, as the title indicates. But not the
sleep as the mind bridge to the world of dreams, but rather as a form of alienation of the being from the flow of the world.
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Dominated by a fever of lines, the series of abstract paintings LINES” could be characterized by the very definition given by Michel Seuphor to abstractionism: “A painting should be called abstract when we cannot recognize any of the objective reality which consists our lives normal environment; in other words, a painting is abstract as soon as we are obliged, by the absence of any sensible reality, to consider it as painting in itself, to judge it by virtue of values extrinsic to any representations or any reminders of the representation.”(own translation)

against words who do not help me is greater,as I have no possibility to punish them for their disobedience. Therefore, sometimes, I talk in “lines”

The artwork “Sleeping Circles”is one of my first abstract attempts, the forerunner stage of many future searches into abstractionism. It was born after the return from a residence at Hope University in Liverpool and after visiting London, two cities whose color fervor was a shock to me at that time.

The materials used are acrylic, string and tracing paper, on paper, 70 x 100 cm , 2005.

Sleeping Circles