Maia Stefana Oprea

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A mud day

Antonio (grandson), Mihai (cousin), Liviu

Yesterday we went to The Berca Mud Volcanoes, which are a geological and botanical reservation located in the Berca commune, in the Buzău County in Romania. Continue reading


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RO’46, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, 2009

The character in the painting “RO’46” is called Uncle ‘Joe and fills quite a slice of reality. Uncle ‘Joe was born in 1946, and is now unemployed. But before he became unemployed, Uncle ‘Joe was certainly the best and the most expressive live model of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. No, “RO’46” has no anti-capitalist message. No, “RO’46” is not a left-wing approach. There is pity on this character, but on him as a person and not as a potential ideological archetype. Anyway… in “RO’46” I tried to capture the exhaustion of a man who will leave behind as legacy what putrefaction itself leaves behind: a pile of bones. In this case, a pile of bones that once made a flawless skeleton, the visual “food” of generations of visual artists.

I drew hundreds of sketches after this model, but I consider them  only simple anatomically correct drawings. Over the years (I know him since 7 years) I felt at times I couldn’t just exercise my technical abilities on him. These works may be the few exceptions left :

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